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There are different kinds of football betting and some of the most common betting options that... Read More


There's one thing those of us who bet know, and those of us who want to just begin trying it ...Read More


There are different kinds of football betting and some of the most common betting options that will be available to you, are the free betting ones. These free betting options are those offers where the bettors are allowed to place bets on their best teams and matches, all at the expense of the bookmaker making the offer available. What this means is that anytime the bet wins, the bettor gets his winnings, but when the bet loses, he does not lose anything as well.

This kind of betting is good for beginners, but even then, there are many seasoned betters, well known in the betting circles, who still go for this kind because of the advantages they stand to gain. A lot of betting sites make these free betting offers available from the well-known bookmakers, thus making it much simpler for those interested bettors to choose the one they feel best suits them.

These offers on these websites span a wide range of tournaments including Premierships, Champion's league, and the FA Cup. Bookmakers also do the same thing, making the bets available for different clubs as well as the competitions they can be found in. What this means is that there will always be a chance for you to find a bet pertaining to your best club and make some money off of it, without having to lose any money in the process. All this is possible, bearing in mind that the site you place the bet on, has to be one that is well known and of good repute.

Different bookmakers offer different types of free betting in relation to the tournaments, hence it is good to try out various bookmakers in order to locate the best offers you deem suitable to participate in. The offers are free, no doubt, but still, it is important to examine the odds available before placing your bet as that is one of the only ways you increase your chances of winning.

It is also important for you to constantly check the site because these offers come and go and you would really not want to miss this wonderful opportunity. Once you find a reliable betting site, you will find yourself exposed to as many free betting offers as you can participate in.

Worthy of note, is the fact that these free betting offers are not without their limitations, rules, and regulations so it is important for one to be aware of these things as they play a part in improving your chances of winning. It is advisable, recommended even, to read the terms and conditions, if any. Granted, it is not the most pleasant part of the exercise, but it can help prevent ugly cases.

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There's one thing those of us who bet know, and those of us who want to just begin trying it out, need to be made aware of. If you want to try betting, either on a professional basis or simply for the heck of it, then there is just one very important thing to note, the betting odds. That refers to those numbers you see beside the name of the football teams you want to bet on. For a successful betting experience, it is important to understand football betting odds and learn just how you can use those odds to your own advantage. Fail or choose not to do this, and then you would be better off just tossing your money in the trash because you're on your way towards losing to anyway. It is possible to neglect this important factor and still win some bets, but the fact remains that you will lose a whole lot of money if you fail to grasp the nature and workings of odds.

If you are to have a better understanding of odds, then you need to know the various types there are. Three types of football odds exist, and the first of them are the fractional odds. These football odds are in a fractional format and are used by bookmakers located in the U.K. These odds are based on 1 stake unit. While planning your bet, taking a look at the fractional type of odds will enable you to determine the amount of money to expect from making just one stake unit. This odd type, does not state the total winnings one is to expect from each unit of stake, but instead, simply states the profit to be made.

The second kind of football odds are the decimal odds. These odds are used generally by bookmakers worldwide. It is quite simple and easy to understand as well. When one reads these decimal odds, one will be able to determine how much money to expect from placing a 1 unit bet. The stake unit may differ and show either ten or one hundred. Before one makes a bet, one needs to be sure about the unit of stake, so it is necessary to inquire from the bookmaker first. It is a common practice to adjust football odds to two decimal places in order to improve the accuracy level.

The last but not least type of odds one may encounter along the line are the American odds. These odds are also commonly known as money lines. A basis of 100 stakes is involved in this type. When reading American odds before placing a bet, one will be able to decide whether to expect a negative or positive outcome. If the odds are positive, then it is possible to determine just how much profit you stand to make on your 100 stakes. Also, if the odds are negative, then you can calculate how much you will need in order to make 100 on your bet.

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